The World Wine Cargo Alliance S.L., headquartered in Barcelona (Spain) and founded in 2019, presents the following international agreement to all partners around the world. The terms and conditions presented in this document are subject to updates, changes and/or amendments. Such changes will be notified via email.

All our members agree to follow our general terms and conditions, and to respect our code of ethics. They also agree to report any violations by fellow members. Partners who break the rules will be sanctioned or expelled and replaced by the next best-qualified applicant on our waiting list for each country.


1) Partners will only be recognized as members of the World Wine Cargo Alliance after payment of the membership fee. Upon receipt of payment, they will have access to a series of benefits that are detailed in section C.

2) Any member may leave the World Wine Cargo Alliance at any time, but no fees will be refunded, in whole or in part.

3) The World Wine Cargo Alliance will promote cooperation among members. Our main goal is to build a cohesive, supportive, interconnected and active community that generates benefit to all its members. In order to achieve this, all members must commit themselves to cooperate.

5) The World Wine Cargo Alliance will send its logo to all members. We suggest them to display the logo in their emails’ sign. They can also use it on business cards, online platforms, transport vehicles, and others as long as they remind members of the Alliance.

6) Failure to comply with internal rules will lead to imposition of sanctions, suspension or exclusion. A committee of the World Wine Cargo Alliance will evaluate each individual case of misconduct and determine how to proceed. The alliance is entitled to terminate the partnership for specific reasons with immediate effect. These reasons are the following: extraordinary financial problems, extraordinary bad service, and serious conflicts or disputes with other members that cannot be solved otherwise and would risk the reputation of the alliance.

7) The World Wine Cargo Alliance is seriously involved in the quality of cooperation among members. Problems about reliability or financial issues must be reported immediately to the World Wine Cargo Alliance team.

8) When contacting a fellow member of the alliance, please use “WWCA” in the subject-line.

9) It is mandatory to be respectful towards other members of the alliance, both in spoken and written communications. The World Wine Cargo Alliance does not tolerate disrespect and inappropriate language.


Members of the World Wine Cargo Alliance must comply with the following business ethics and standards:

1) To support all members of the alliance as much as possible.

2) To use standard operating and security procedures between each other, such as using written confirmations.

3) To pay all monies quoted and invoiced in the same currency due to or between members within the agreed period.

4) To acknowledge that a company registered with the World Wine Cargo Alliance is responsible for all branch offices, both financially and ethically, whether said branch office is or is not a member of the alliance.

5) To promptly respond to all communications and requests from the World Wine Cargo Alliance and fellow members.

6) To be properly staffed for the highest level of service and not engage or participate in activities that are illegal.

7) To share profits according to prior written agreement.

8) To allow the World Wine Cargo Alliance team to participate in dispute resolution and the dispute resolution process by providing documented proof of facts in any such dispute.

9) To acknowledge the responsibility to keep the World Wine Cargo Alliance informed of any changes to a company’s name, staff, contact details, and other information.


Business opportunities. The main goal of the WWCA is to promote cooperation among members, and this cooperation is expected to translate into business opportunities. The WWCA is fully committed to helping all members improve their profits.

Specialization in the transport of wine and other spirits. The World Wine Cargo Alliance is committed to sharing specific information on the transport of wine and other spirits. This way, it contributes to the members’ specialization in the transport of this type of merchandise.

Partners all around the world. The WWCA offers its members top-quality partners from different countries. No matter where you need to send a shipment, you will find the right agent you can rely on. In the case there is not a member from a specific country, the WWCA team will provide information on reliable agents outside the network.

Payment Protection Plan (PPP). The payment of the annual membership has included a Payment Protection Program that covers all its members up to 15.000 EUR in case of non-payment from another member of the community.

Annual WWCA Conference and International Events.  The WWCA will hold an annual conference in different countries that are wine importers/exporters. Among other activities, all members can participate in the one-to-one meetings. This is where you can meet forwarders from all around the world in one room, saving you thousands of dollars in traveling costs. WWCA will also organize its participation in different international events worldwide in which their members will be able to participate representing its companies.

Communications. Members will receive a newsletter with the latest news and updates.

The WWCA online platform. Members of the alliance will have access to a personalized online platform where you can find all information about other members.

Customized advice on the legal requirements in Spain to transport wine to your country.

Possibility of replicating Cargo Wine. Members of the alliance might have the possibility of replicating Cargo Wine in their respective countries. More information is still to come.