Specialization in the freight transport sector is a tendency that is consolidating itself. This is the reason why Cargo Club Forwarders (Spain) created the World Wine Cargo Alliance, the aim of which is to generate new business opportunities and establish relationships among different companies that are willing to transport wine and other spirits, even though members are also managing other types of commodities.

The concept of the network originated in the beginning of 2019, but it was not active until June 2019, when the first conference was held. The event took place in Barcelona and 21 companies assisted. Since then, the World Wine Cargo Alliance has grown and it is currently formed by 29 companies from all over the world, which cooperate and generate new traffics of wine and other commodities.

Memberships are limited. There is a maximum of two companies per country, except for the USA, Brazil, Russia, China, Argentina, Chile and Mexico, since they manage a larger amount of wine imports and exports.


  • Negotiation of rates with multimodal carriers.
  • Cooperation with other members of the alliance.
  • Assessment to find the best forwarders of each country.
  • Personalized website with Access to all the members of the alliance.
  • Customized advice on the legal requirements in Spain to transport wine to your country.
  • Regular information about the situation of the alliance.
  • Annual meetings.
  • Support to handle all kind of commodities.
  • Possibility of replicating Cargo Wine in your respective country.

The membership fee for 2020 is 1050€ or $1200 (transfer fee included).

Montserrat Nomen Brotons
WWCA President