World Wine Cargo Alliance S.L., headquartered in Barcelona (Spain) and established in 2019, introduces this international agreement to partners globally. The terms and conditions outlined in this document are subject to updates, changes, and/or amendments, which will be communicated via email.

All members are required to adhere to our general terms and conditions, as well as uphold our code of ethics. They are also obligated to report any violations by fellow members. Violations may result in sanctions, expulsion, and replacement by the next qualified applicant from our waiting list for each country.



  1. Partners attain recognition as members of the World Wine Cargo Alliance upon payment of the membership fee. After payment, they gain access to a range of benefits detailed in section C.
  2. Members may exit the World Wine Cargo Alliance at any time, but no fees will be refunded, in whole or in part.
  3. The Alliance aims to foster cooperation among members, aspiring to build a cohesive, supportive, and active community. All members commit to cooperation.
  4. Members will receive the Alliance’s logo, encouraged to display it in emails, business cards, online platforms, transport vehicles, etc., while reminding others of the Alliance.
  5. Non-compliance with internal rules may lead to sanctions, suspension, or expulsion. A committee will evaluate each case, with the Alliance having the right to terminate partnerships for specific reasons with immediate effect.
  6. The Alliance prioritizes the quality of cooperation among members. Issues must be reported promptly to the World Wine Cargo Alliance team.
  7. When contacting a fellow member, use «WWCA» in the subject line.
  8. Respectful communication is mandatory, both verbally and in writing. Disrespect and inappropriate language are not tolerated.



Members must adhere to the following business ethics and standards:

  1. Support all members as much as possible.
  2. Use standard operating and security procedures, including written confirmations.
  3. Pay all quoted and invoiced amounts in the agreed currency within the specified period.
  4. Acknowledge that a company registered with the Alliance is responsible for all branch offices, both financially and ethically.
  5. Promptly respond to communications and requests from the Alliance and fellow members.
  6. Maintain proper staffing levels for the highest service standards and avoid illegal activities.
  7. Share profits according to prior written agreement.
  8. Allow the Alliance team to participate in dispute resolution by providing documented proof in any dispute.
  9. Inform the Alliance of any changes to a company’s name, staff, contact details, etc.



  1. Business Opportunities: Promoting cooperation for mutual benefit.
  2. Specialization in Wine Transport: Sharing specific information on transporting wine and spirits.
  3. Global Partners: Access to top-quality partners worldwide, with assistance provided for non-network countries.
  4. Payment Protection Plan (PPP): Annual membership includes a program covering members up to 20,000 EUR in case of non-payment.
  5. Annual Conference and International Events: WWCA hosts conferences and participates in global events, offering networking opportunities and cost savings.
  6. Communications: Members receive newsletters with updates.
  7. Online Platform: Access to a personalized platform with information about other members.
  8. Legal Advice: Customized advice on legal requirements for transporting wine to your country.
  9. Cargo Wine Replication: Possibility for members to replicate Cargo Wine in their respective countries (details to be provided).