In 2020, given the global pandemic and the travel restrictions imposed by many countries, the World Wine Cargo Alliance team decided to celebrate an online event for its members, so they could update each other and meet the new members.

The event took place from June 15th to June 19th, 2020. On the first day, the team made a presentation about the World Wine Cargo Alliance that included the interview to the president of the alliance, Montserrat Nomen Brotons.

On the second day, the team posted a second interview, this time to Barcelona’s Customs Administrator, Josep Carles Llagosterata, talking about the COVID-19 virus and how it had affected the economy and the logistics sector. That same day, there were two different online cocktails (one for Spanish-speaking countries and another for English-speaking countries). Agents were only asked to prepare a glass of their favourite drink and join the online event.

On the last three days, the one-to-one meetings took place with the help of an online platform. At the same time, our RDMs Tanya Leon, Juliana Saraiva do Prado and Abdessalam Charia had individual meetings with the different members to update them, to know their strengths, and to help them find potential partnerships with other WWCA members. Even though timetables were based on the time zone GMT+2, the meetings were open 24h for full coverage and convenience of the agents.